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Wholesale beans produced in Kyrgyzstan
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I will sell wholesale beans of production Kyrgyzstan. Mechanical processing on new equipment with a production capacity of 900 tons per month. We ship for export from Kyrgyzstan from 20 tons.
В Японии
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Иванов, ООО, RU Токио, JP
Let's put a natural mummy. Everything from ecologically clean areas, no additives and no fake. With our mummy, you can prepare a number of drugs and benefit yourself, improve your body. Mumiye is a
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Иванов М.С., ИП, RU Токио, JP
Hello.   We are a broker of red and white beans. How many are ready to buy right now? In the presence of 350 tons of red and about 200 tons of white. We provide peeling, cleaning and packing services
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Naukowo Badawcze Centrum..., Sp. z o.o., PL Токио, JP
Company growing its own organic soybean, offers 500 tons of high quality certified organic soya, from its proper production.